Top Ten Reasons for Blogcrastination!!!

My poor blog is collecting dust.   I’m sorry that I’ve been away for so long.

Combine finishing the certification requirements to be a Martha Beck Master Coach with settling an IRS audit and a cross country move and I literally had to put my life in triage mode.

Things are settling and I plan to begin blogging on a weekly or bi-weekly basis from this point forward.  Really I do!   The number one rule for blogging is to post something and show up daily, weekly and I broke the rule.

I decided the best word for the reasons a blog writer doesn’t show up could be caused “Blogcrastination”.     So why do dedicated bloggers fall into the dreaded blogcrastination???

10.   Challenged by ADHD

9.      Listening to too much Texas talk radio.

8.    Brain needs a good reflective flossing.

7.     Mentally challenged by Twitter world.   How does one tweet or retweet?

6.     Busy contributing to other blogs as a guest writer for other bloggers.

5.    Obsessed with Chicago’s bid to host 2012 Olympics.

4.    Waiting for Michael Jackson to be laid to rest.

3.     Addicted to Facebook.

2.    Forgot to pay Internet bill in June…service just restored.

And the number one reason………  Contribute your own reason!!!!!!!   In your view what is the number one reason for blogcrastination?????   Whether you are a blog reader or a blogger or a bloggest,   why does “blogcrastination” happen to the best of us.

1.   Waiting for your ideas!!!!!!

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  1. Lisa Scott:

    My number one reason is the busyness and stress of life. Though I blog about how we deal with some stressful situations, in the midst of it all, I sometimes lose my creativity. I have to have enough space in my life to think in order to create a post more inviting than “we ran around all day and I’m tired!” But once I get in the flow, I find it easier to keep going and keep writing.

  2. Mary Ann:

    Agreed Lisa….there are some things that are just downright life, but “what is”! While being in the “Now” is ideal, it’s hard to stay in creative mode when your life is filled to the max. I definitely have the same issue with creativity. Thanks for your very real comment about “Not Enough Space in Life to Create”.

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