Freedom from Discipline Worries…Class To Empower Parents

Are you wondering if you’ll ever have your life back again?mother driving kids

Does the thought of taking your child out in public seem overwhelming?

Is discipline a much tougher gig than you imagined?

Are you worried about regaining your authority as a parent?

Is homework time a huge energy drain?

If any of these statements apply to you,  register for my parenting class  “Becoming Your Child’s Life Coach”

Based on my professional knowledge as a special educator and my experience raising my two sons,   I’ve put together a class to teach parents how to parent with “Mindsight”…..really having insight into your own mind and understanding your children’s emotions, behaviors and words.

Discipline doesn’t have to be so tough.  It is absolutely possible to raise awesome children while honoring their unique talents and skills.

Go to my website and register for “Guiding Your Children to Their Own North Star” filled with tools adapted from Martha Beck’s work and designed for children.

The class will be recorded, so you may take it live or….   listen to the downloads and the recordings.    happy-children

The live class begins on Tuesday, October 20th at 11:00 a.m. PDT and repeated at 6:00 p.m. PDT

However, you may register anytime between now and November 30th.

Register at www.createanewseason.com

or e-mail me with your questions:  maryannlowry@mac.com

The six session class is only $99 and includes two complimentary personal coaching sessions.

I’d love to connect with any of my blog readers.

This class is designed to be very “user friendly” for parents, but it’s based on the latest research from neuroscience, positive psychology and interpersonal neurobiology.   Class will incorporate some of Dr. Dan Siegel’s insights on parenting taken from

“Parenting from the Inside Out”


Mary Ann

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