Thanksgiving…Celebrate the Scale Going Up????


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!   Hope you enjoyed time with family and a bit of a break via the long week-end!

My scale didn’t go in the right direction, so I’m back on the “body compass” eating mode.   I have a way of ignoring my body’s hunger signals when there is a lot to eat.   I know that sounds like a bit of a complaint.   Well, maybe I would like a little pity.

Do you ever wish that you could just eat all of you want and not have the number on the scale go south or stay the same???

I use to wish the same thing.   However,  I’m starting to REFLECT on everything these days…Kudos to Dr. Daniel Siegel!!!

One of the reasons that we should celebrate when the numbers on the scale go up is due to the fact that it means that “Your Body Compass is Working!”   I’ve spent the year learning how to listen to my body, as I’ve battled the bulge.  Thirty pounds and about a year later,   after hours of coaching and self coaching,   I now realize that my body is better than any diet program.

Your body is the same way.   By being mindful regarding your body’s hunger signals, you have an automatic system in place to keep the weight in check.  I try to stay at a hunger range between (-2 to +2).   When I note the slight pangs of hunger, I eat slowly and note when my body registers satisfied. For more information on this system of eating, check out Brooke Castillo’s web site:


Brooke was the brilliant life coach, who discovered that our body gives us the “Stop and Go” signals, helping us to determine when we are truly satified and truly hungry.

I began celebrating Thanksgiving week  early in the week.  I enjoyed the food so much and was not in a great place emotionally.  That is not a great combination for me.   I began to eat when my body signaled and then screamed “STOP NOW”.    You can probably guess what happened, if you’ve ever been prone to emotional eating.    My body was “Stuffed”;  just as stuffed as the chef’s best gourmet turkey.

Man I'm Stuffed!

The problem is that I wasn’t meant to be a turkey…..and by the way…a stuff turkey has left this earth.   I’m not ready for that yet.

My body is so programmed to pay attention to the signals to tell me to STOP, so I paid dearly for my deliberate plan to go ignore my body.

Yes, I did pay dearly with my weight gain.  However, that’s not the main thing.  The main thing is that eating beyond when my body registers “Stuffed” shows that the body compass hunger scale is priceless.   I never leave home without it.   :-)   It literally felt so physically awful to eat that way after a year of mindful eating that I realized how much I had abused my body in the past.

The scale verified the fact that I stuffed myself, +5 pounds worth.    I’m eating via the “hunger scale” again rather than via emotional eating.   My body compass hunger scale is very effective and I have the tangible proof from the scale to prove it.

There is a wonderful question that I ask my clients, when they’re going through a life challenge or a truly turbulent time.

“How is That PERFECT?”    It’s one of Martha Beck’s favorite coaching questions.

I think I answered what was perfect about gaining weight via this blog post.

Now…go enjoy the holiday season ……without leaving your body hunger compass at home.

Happy Thanksgiving Week-End!

Mary Ann

P.S.  Thanks to Bridgette Boudrea, Erin Postle and Tonya Williams for being awesome Weight Loss Coaches!!!

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