Dreams Do Come True!!!! Tales of Published Authors!!!

Changes of the Heart Front Cover

Changes of the Heart Front Cover

Greetings Blog Readers!!!!

I admit that I’ve been Missing In Action,  AGAIN!!  Sorry About That!

I’ve been busy writing and doing all the prep work to launch a book that I had the opportunity to co-write with 12 other Martha Beck Coaches.

It started with a conversation between 13 women through a coaches’ forum.   As we compared notes, it seemed that most of us had been courted to write a chapter for various publishers of “self improvement” genre.

Someone mentioned that it was too bad that we couldn’t write our own book.    Suddenly, fingertips behind computers throughout America and Canada started typing away asking, “Why Can’t We?”

Everything in life has a starting point.   Books don’t just happen.   The author gets an idea and is inspired to action.   This time several authors’ collective brains started making all kinds of neural connections.     A vision was planted in the minds of coaches, who totally believe in the power of faith and/or “the law of attraction”.

When Anna Paradox, our editor, shared that we absolutely could co-write a book, the dream or the “Wildly Improbable Goal” (WIG),   was launched in our minds.

Thirteen Martha Beck Coaches responded to the challenge by claiming “I’M IN!”   Although there is no non-verbal in e-mail and that can get all of us in trouble, according to Daniel Goleman, the excitement was contagious.

Inspired by the enthusiasm of the other coaches, we all committed to the process of contributing a chapter.    From the beginning,  many of us felt in our hearts the incredible high that usually comes after the success of a project.   Martha Beck, our mentor,  continues to promote the truth that the “Feelings Come before the Circumstances and the Circumstances Don’t Create the Feeling”.  With this mantra in mind,  we had a winner before one word had been typed.

If you’ve read Steering by Starlight by Martha Beck, you’ll remember how she invites her readers to watch the magic happen when we see the big picture of our life through the vision of the “Stargazer”.   Like the magic described in the book, I saw all kinds of signs and experienced synchronicity over and over again through the process of seeing our ideas take form and become a tangible book.

As I opened my e-mail one night, the music through the radio started playing “We Are the Champions!”.  Ironically,  the e-mail was from Anna Paradox letting all of us know that our book was now on www.Amazon.com!   The timing of the song with my sensation of feeling like the book was a “winner” before one word was written is just one example of receiving a “high five” to the soul.

After I received my actual copy of the book, I took a copy into a boutique to show the owner.   She agreed to sell the book locally and decided to purchase copies of the book  for herself and family.    This is just another example of the magnetic attraction that Changes of the Heart seems to generate.   I owe a great deal of gratitude to Rey Rios, who generously donated his time to design this “winning” cover.  Thanks to Martha Beck for writing the most incredible foreword.   Reading any words that come out of Martha’s mind are incredibly rewarding!!!   When people see the book, they seem to feel a genuine invitation to read it.

I know the book will be a winner, because it’s going to touch tons of lives for the best.   I hope your life will be enriched by one or more of the chapters in the book.    The book covers topics that address life challenges-some mild and some really tough tough times.    Amy Johnson, one of the co-authors, described it as a “bedside life coach”.    In Changes of the Heart: Martha Beck Life Coaches Share Strategies for Facing Life Challenges: parenting, money woes, work issues, grief, self-acceptance, health crisis, transformation, losing weight and learning about life from savoring the experience of motorcycle riding, etc.

My part of the book is just one slice of the pie.   I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sampling the whole pie with my eyes, as I’ve read the chapters submitted by my colleagues, friends and co-authors.    Karen, Alina, Holly, Dee, Amy, Polly, Anna, Jo, Erin, Ned, Valerie, and Roma, you all wrote words of hope, encouragement and offered a way out of lives that aren’t working.   Thanks so much for your dedication to settle for nothing less than mega excellence.

Join us at our launch party from the comfort of your home by visiting www.changesoftheheart.com on December 1st and 2nd and to receive all the free stuff from e-books to mp3 downloads to teleclasses, etc.    contributed by the authors and Martha Beck Certified Coaches and friends.


Mary Ann

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