About Motivation and Health

Later today, I’m going to post a series of blog posts regarding Daniel Pink’s new book, Drive. His book is a wake up call about what really motivates us.   Intrinsic motivation is the real “driving force” behind human motivation.

In case, you hadn’t connected the dots, I’ll confess that it’s ironic to write blogs on the topic of Motivation when I have been AWOL from my blog for a few weeks.   I love writing my own blog and connecting with you.   You have some super ideas and your comments and private e-mails stimulate my thinking.    My readers are some of my best teachers.

When my doctor told me to rest, I took the advice to heart and gave my body a chance to heal from some ongoing physical stuff.  While intrinsic motivation is strong, biological motivation certainly is a factor.   I’ve already  learned one lesson about losing my healthexhausted.   I decided that I didn’t need a repeat lesson, so I hibernated after our book “Changes of the Heart” was launched.

If you don’t have your healthy, it’s more of a challenge to stay in the game.   I’m a huge believer in listening to my body.   The exhaustion signaled a need for sleep and I let it happen.

You all are so faithful in reading my content and communicating with me that I feel connected and want to give you the scoop whenever I stop writing for awhile.   I’m up and running again,  since my medical hibernation has ended.   My body always wins and I encourage you to adopt the same practice.  We need you and your gifts.   Word to the wise: think about the cost of giving your energy away to fight your health battles.   Your body is ready to serve you, if you’ll just let it have a voice.   :-)

Stay Well,

Mary Ann

P.S.  “Changes of the Heart” makes a great Valentines gift.   Go to www.changesoftheheart.com to see what I mean.

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